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Advantages of pre-engineered buildings

•High-quality craftsmanship

•Cost effective

•Quick installation


•Fewer repairs

•Large selection

•Modifications made easy


Call us and find out more about pre-engineered buildings and how

they can benefit you.


Save Time and Money with Pre-Engineered Buildings

Unlike conventional concrete construction, pre-engineered buildings are prepared off site and assembled during construction. This method cuts down on the construction time and also brings down the cost significantly. Not every building can be pre-engineered though. Over 4 million sq feet of pre-engineered buildings built to date.

Pre-engineered buildings give you a large selection of design options

to fit your requirements.

Personalized service to meet your needs

Precise Construction Services Inc has been in the construction industry for over 13 years and understands what it takes to deliver high-quality work.

Precise Construction Services Inc has a professional engineer on its staff to take care of your design needs.


You can feel free to discuss your requirements with our engineer anytime.